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Happy Lord’s day everyone!

Daddy and I spent some our time in the Word this morning finishing up the Book of Hebrews, and spent much time in the commentary on Hebrews chapter 11. God graciously showed daddy the importance of faith; why we need it, why we must exercise it, why we must live in it, and how we can depend on it.

I am still a puppy, I love to play (exercise) and should do so in that I grow up to be strong and remain healthy. And so should you in your faith, and MANY Christians; are weak, fail, fallen, depressed, have no spiritual power or energy, and many other spiritual health issues, because of their faith!

Think of this analogy for a moment. Each new year passes and lots of people make resolutions, and one of the most popular ones is to lose weight for whatever reason. So say one day someone gives you a lifetime membership to the best health club in town, and it is all inclusive. You get all the workout equipment, you get free exercise drinks to help boost you, you get free massages to relax you or help and injuries, you get the works.

So one day you go check this place out and are absolutely amazed at this gift you have been given, and feel super blessed. In fact, you are so overwhelmed, you just stand there in awe for a long time taking it all in, and then eventually leave. Of what benefit did you receive from this gift by doing that?

So you got busy with things of the world, some time has passed by, maybe another year has rolled around to that same resolution, so you decide it’s time to go back to the club. This time however, you know what to expect, and go in with a different mindset and attitude. So you go in and just start going at what “you think” is your best way to workout, however, you have never worked out seriously in this kind of environment before, and suddenly you got hurt, so you leave and go home, probably swearing that you will never set foot in that club again. Did you still receive any benefits from your membership? No, and probably more bitterness, resentment, and lack of motivation to exercise at all.

So what does all of this have to do with faith? A LOT!

Does this analogy sound a lot like how many of us exercise our faith? C’mon, be honest with yourself, for God already knows. I know I was heavily convicted this morning as I read the 11th chapter of Hebrews and Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary along with it. This Lord’s day, if you are not going to church anywhere, or after you are done with online church, I HIGHLY encourage you to read both Hebrews chapter 11 and Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the chapter.

Remember these important things as you do. Why? Because maybe you have forgotten, maybe you never understood to begin with, maybe you truly never believed!

Matthew 27:51 – And behold, the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. And the earth shook, and the rocks were split.

This tearing down of the veil is both so symbolic and specific for the believer. As many of you know (but may have forgotten) the veil in the Old Testament separated not only the people from God at the ark of the covenant, but more specifically, a Great High Priest who could only enter the holy of hollies, and once a year at that. But Christ being the greater high priest, the name above ever name, fulfilled what human priests could not and were not meant to do, thereby tearing the veil in two, we now have direct access to the Great High Priest, who sits at the right hand of the Father Interceding on our behalf, by this faith given to us as a gift.

In case you don’t get to the commentary, I want to give you a few nuggets to whet your appetite and to encourage you to do so more this day, and that going forward your faith will continue to be strengthened. All of these are taken directly from Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

“Faith was the principle of their holy obedience, remarkable services, and patient sufferings.”

“We cannot come to God, unless we believe that he is what he has revealed himself to be in the Scripture. Those who would find God, must seek him with all their heart.”

“If heirs of Abraham’s faith, we shall obey and go forth, though not knowing what may befall us; and we shall be found in the way of duty, looking for the performance of God’s promises.”

“All true believers desire the heavenly inheritance; and the stronger faith is, the more fervent those desires will be.”

There is so much more that I could go into, and I will stop here for now before this turns into a mini novel. There are also two resources I found this morning that I pray you will also use in your daily devotional and prayer times (this is where many of us need to increase our time in worship, adoration, and prayer) and He will strengthen us.

Scripture promises and prayers

The Book Of Bible Promises – George Mueller

Summing this up, faith given by God is one of the greatest gifts given the Christian, and was not meant to be pushed aside or squandered, as this is the lifeline and hope to the things above in heaven. This is a part of our many duties unto Him who gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, who shed His blood for the remission of sin. This should cause us to lay aside the things of this world, and to exercise daily in faith. Many of us fear the things of this world because we do not know from day to day what may come, even death. But this faith hoped for, the things not seen, are secured in the Godhead who promised us so much (please see the PDF’s in this article for more), we can trust and count on them to do all things possible, and NEVER fail!

Let us then pray continually for the increase of our faith, that we may follow these bright examples, and be, with them, at length made perfect in holiness and happiness, and shine like the sun in the kingdom of our Father for evermore. – Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary


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