Loving God means rejoicing in God, being eager to think of and pray to God. It means being glad to be in God's presence and to be with God alone. It means not grieving God, but rejoicing in God simply because it is God who is involved, and because we are permitted to know and have God, and to speak with and live with God.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


This morning my daily reading started in Luke chapter 15, which opens with three absolutely beautiful Parables about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And as I read these over and over, I began to wonder, do I and other Christians greatly rejoice?

Then I felt I guess what I would call sorrow and remorse for sin, because I realized how often and how much I have taken for granted my salvation and realized as I read these parables, they were speaking about you and me as gentiles. We so often take advantage of the things of the world and care about that which is seen, but we care not for the things we do not see.

We cannot see salvation, yet we know it exists because it is what the Bible is mainly written about. We do not see God, but we see evidence of His wonderful and beautiful creation all around us.

I want to encourage you to read the first to parables in Luke 15 and pray that your soul would not only rejoice if you truly are saved, but more so if you truly are not saved, that God would speak to you deeply and personally. I pray that if you have never been broken over your self-righteous keeping of the law, your good works, and that you did something to be saved and to maintain your salvation, you would let all of that go and that God truly would save you!

Also, remember, the parables are not allegories to plug you into the the picture and to read scripture at face value. For example, we are consider gentiles because we are not of true descent. NEVER make at twist scriptures to make it about you and your situations, rather see it as God’s story of His Son, Jesus Christ, the mighty Redeemer who came to seek and save the lost, even the most vile of viles. Now I cannot speak for you, but I know what I wretched sinner I was, and many times in my mind, I still am. That is why it is so important to read His Word daily, that we remember to give thanks and to greatly rejoice in our salvation! It might be a one time event, but it is one that we should celebrate and rejoice daily, for each day until Christ returns, He goes and seeks and saves the lost. He finds them on our streets, our schools, our places of business and workplaces, and many times employs you and I to be the salt an the light to them in these areas! We might hear of a plight, a trial, or maybe even they shared something they heard in church recently, but they are just not sure what to make of it. But dear reader, if you truly are a blood bought born again believer in Jesus Christ, I pray that you share in my pain and sorrow this morning for how little we give thanks for our salvation, how many times we we do not pray for the Salvation work God does 24/7 365 days a year, and especially when those whom He calls through the glorious Gospel, and they hear of His free grace and accept His pardoning mercies through repentance and faith through the works that only Christ could do on the cross of Calvary, we too shall rejoice greatly along with the angels and all of heaven singing GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!

May these words be of encouragement that we should remember daily how great God’s salvation is, what it means every day and what it means when we will one day be with Him for all eternity. If you truly have been saved by God, you will never witness an miracle greater than being once lost and bound for hell, and now redeemed, adopted, brought into His fold where He holds you and nothing can snatch you from His hands!